GARY WILSON is a Scottish animator, researcher and visual development artist, interested in ethnographic approaches to the animated landscape. He graduated with a Master of Fine Art in Animation from Edinburgh College of Art, and has since continued to develop his voice as an active practitioner. At present, he teaches within the animation department at Edinburgh College of Art, and is Research Associate for Animation Research Network Scotland, while seeking doctoral research.


Amadi & Samira - an illustration of child labour (2023) - Charity Campaign - Client: EnterYes, World Vision UK Partnership Against Child Exploitation - Role: Animator.

Deserve to Bloom (2021) - Charity Campaign Advertisement - Client: Heal - Role: Storyboard Artist.

Fare Well (2020) - 3 Short Films for Edinburgh's Hogmanay - Client: Underbelly - Role: Visual Development Artist.

Know Thyself MOOC (TBA) - Educational Video Series - Client: The University of Edinburgh - Role: Animator, Storyboard Artist.

Filmhouse Idents (2019) - Idents - Client: ECA Animation - Role: Co-Director, Animator, Background Painter.

Less of a Lonely Place (2019) - Social Campaign - Client: DCMS & MerchantCantos - Role: Animator.

The Big Swoop (2019) - Short Film - Director: Peter Hagis - Role: Colouring Assistant.

Women of the Moon (2019) - Short Film - Director: Abigail Lamb - Role: Colouring Assistant.

Finch (2019) - Short film - Director: Jay Sloss - Role: Production Assistant.

Nigel (2019) - Short film - Director: Natasza Cetner - Role: Production Assistant.

Birdwatching (2018) - Short film - Director: Holly Summerson - Role: Additional Animation.

Dissonance (2017) - Short film - Director: Abigail Lamb - Role: Production Assistant.

Marvin (2017) - Short film - Director: Heather Rodgers - Role: Production Assistant.


2016 - 2018: Edinburgh College of Art - Master of Fine Art Animation.

2011 - 2015: The University of Edinburgh - Master of Arts with Honours Ancient History.


2D Digital Hand-Drawn Animation

Background Painting

Visual Development



Adobe Photoshop

Adobe After Effects

Toon Boom Harmony Advanced


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