GARY WILSON is a Scottish animator, researcher and visual development artist, interested in ethnographic approaches to the animated landscape. He graduated with a Master of Fine Art in Animation from Edinburgh College of Art, and has since continued to develop his voice as a filmmaker.


Deserve to Bloom (2021) - Charity Campaign Advertisement - Client: Heal - Role: Storyboard Artist.

Fare Well (2020) - 3 Short Films for Edinburgh's Hogmanay - Client: Underbelly - Role: Visual Development Artist.

Know Thyself MOOC (TBA) - Educational Video Series - Client: The University of Edinburgh - Role: Animator, Storyboard Artist.

Filmhouse Idents (2019) - Idents - Client: ECA Animation - Role: Co-Director, Animator, Background Painter.

Less of a Lonely Place (2019) - Social Campaign - Client: DCMS & MerchantCantos - Role: Animator.

The Big Swoop (2019) - Short Film - Director: Peter Hagis - Role: Colouring Assistant.

Women of the Moon (2019) - Short Film - Director: Abigail Lamb - Role: Colouring Assistant.

Finch (2019) - Short film - Director: Jay Sloss - Role: Production Assistant.

Nigel (2019) - Short film - Director: Natasza Cetner - Role: Production Assistant.

Birdwatching (2018) - Short film - Director: Holly Summerson - Role: Additional Animation.

Dissonance (2017) - Short film - Director: Abigail Lamb - Role: Production Assistant.

Marvin (2017) - Short film - Director: Heather Rodgers - Role: Production Assistant.


2016 - 2018: Edinburgh College of Art - Master of Fine Art Animation.

2011 - 2015: The University of Edinburgh - Master of Arts with Honours Ancient History.


2D Digital Hand-Drawn Animation

Background Painting

Visual Development


Adobe Photoshop

Adobe After Effects

Toon Boom Harmony Advanced


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